I love to code and learn and am currently studying Computer Science at the University at Buffalo, expected to graduate Fall, 2018. Because I love to learn, I have worked on a bunch of different things in the realm of CS. I have a fair amount of experience in full stack web development with a variety of tools and frameworks, I am working on a certificate in Data Intensive Computing and am very interested in Data Science. I also have experience in IT. I have worked with UB IT on networking and enterprise IT solutions. I am an avid linux user and I am currently in an internship with Blue Cross Blue Shield in Buffalo. I am currently working at UB’s CIT help desk, learning about networking and IT.


I was born and raised just outside of Buffalo, NY, and I believe life is a series of experiences, so I want to experience as many things as possible. I like trying new things, like climbing mountains, traveling, doing calisthenics, listening to music, and watching movies.